was one of just 165,000 .com domains when registered in October 1995.

The domain was registered and is still owned by Des Donnelly, Co Tyrone. Des is an internet veteran with 20 experience in the business. He is an award winning Google specialist, an official global  Google Top Contributor  and one of the Founders in the Dot Irish Founder Programme via the domain  Learn.Irish.

We provide domain registration via our Rexco brand and Google related services under our  Memeonics  brand. We offer a full range of internet related services from Google for Work provision, Andriod for Work, SEO services, Analytics services, website creation and hosting.  We are an official Google for Work Partner here in north Ireland.

We are delighted to be one of the Founders in the Dot Irish Founder Programme via our Learn.Irish domain.

2013 domains

Over this period of almost 20 years we have seen rapid growth in domains – today there are approx 127,100,000 .com’s and .net’s registered and approx 144,000,000 other domains in county codes and other top level domains – a total of approx.  271 million domains globally.!

This may just be of interest to us internet geeks / nerds – of course 1995 could be said to be late since the first .com, was registered March 15th 1985.  Read more about dot com see

Source: Verisign ongoing reports


Digital archives and assets have become increasingly important and here at Rexco we have retained the bulk of our site’s electronic records dating back over 20 years. Rexco was originally registered on 22.Oct.1995, unfortunately due to a gap created by a registrar transfer in 1999 it is now shown in Whois as 1999-02-03 05:00:00.

The earliest snapshot of the site from the meta archive site Wayback Machine  dates from 20.December 1996.

The earliest record of Rexco offering domain registration in is  May 10th 2000

The original invoice from the Network Information Center (NIC), also known as InterNIC from 1993 until 1998. From October 1991 until September 18, 1998, it was run by Network Solutions. Thereafter, the responsibility was assumed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). See the Internic Wikipedia entry for further information.

At that time registration cost $100 for two years and registrants received an invoice from  Netsol  a month later. Archive material

Total Generic & County Code Top Level Domains in the World since 1995