Transfers-In to Rexco

We hear from customers that transferring a domain name from one registrar to another is much too difficult. Since each Registrar has a different technical interface this is unlikely to change soon.

There are 4 basic steps required to prepare a domain for transfer:

  • Ensuring WHOIS contact information is correct
  • Making required WHOIS privacy changes
  • Unlocking the domain so it can be transferred
  • Obtaining the transfer authorisation code for the domain

We would be happy to assist any customer transfer their domains to us. The domain transfer procedure is outlined in the attached pdf’s  (please note that processes do change on a regular basis, especially now with the forthcoming new domains). We offer pdf’s for the following Registrars;-

1 & 1
Go Daddy
Network Solutions

Icon_DriveView in Google Drive 

Icon_Forms Transfer Request Form