Trademark Notices

Please note;-

The system will issue a warning when attempting to register a domain for which a matching record exists in the Trademark Clearing House.

During the initial 90 days of General Availability the Trademark holder registered via the Trademark Clearing House will be automatically notified by the system when a person completes registration of a domain that is registered matching their trademark.

The full text of the email is as follows;-

“You have received this email because you have applied for a domain name which matches at least one trademark record submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Prior to proceeding with the registration, you must review the Trademark Notice at the link below, and represent that you have received and you understand the notice, and to the best of your knowledge your registration and use of the requested domain name will not infringe on the trademark.

Please note if this process is not completed within 48 hours, the registration will be cancelled.”