a note on name availability

Each Registry must prevent the registration of reserved names in the International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and Intergovernmental Organizations categories. Nonetheless you may find an occasional domain shown as being available for registration, even if it is on a restricted list (because technically it is available).

Additionally Registries have designated premium names, a ‘premium’ name may be shown as available on one system but not another. The unfortunate fact is that such a name may be able to be registered at the front end but NOT at the Registry end. There is a significant amount of discussion going on at this time and we will update this page with new information as soon as it comes available.

a note on ICANN Rules

The onus is on YOU, the registrant, to meet the criteria for Trademark Notices or Names that fall under Category 1 rules. These rules are mandated by ICANN to reduce disputes and improve the stability of the internet. Occasionally they do make sense.

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