IOC, Red Cross, and IGO reserved names for new gTLDs

The list of reserved names according to the new gTLD base registry agreement;-

for International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and Intergovernmental Organizations categories.

(Note that the list of IGO names is still subject to change. Discussions are continuing with the GAC regarding protections for these organizations in additional languages.)

GAC, the GAC is an advisory committee comprising appointed representatives of national governments, multi-national governmental organizations and treaty organizations, and distinct economies. Its function is to advise the ICANN Board on matters of concern to governments. The GAC will operate as a forum for the discussion of government interests and concerns, including consumer interests. As an advisory committee, the GAC has no legal authority to act for ICANN, but will report its findings and recommendations to the ICANN Board.

New gTLDs Update: Applications Accepted Today

Internet ver2 – The Big Moment

New gTLDs Update: Applications Accepted Today; New Guidebook Posted; Financial Assistance for Qualifying Applicants. After more than seven years of planning, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has initiated a process that could trigger a dramatic expansion of the Internet.

Starting today, ICANN begins accepting applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). The world of .com, .gov, .org and 19 other gTLDs will soon be expanded to include all types of words in many different languages. For the first time generic TLDs can include words in non-Latin languages, such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Arabic.

12 January: ICANN begins accepting applications
29 March: The last day to register in TAS
12 April: Final day ICANN accepts applications

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Protecting Trademark Rights in New gTLDs

Protecting Trademark Rights in New gTLDs: ICANN Invites Participation on Assistance Group for Trademark Clearinghouse Implementation. One way ICANN is working to protect property rights, and the interests of registrants, in the New gTLD Program is the establishment of a Trademark Clearinghouse. The Trademark Clearinghouse is being designed to increase protections and reduce costs for trademark holders and start-up registries alike.

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Extension of Public Comment Period on New gTLD

Extension of Public Comment Period on New gTLD Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook and Economic Study Phase II Report. Taking into account public comment and decisions made during ICANN’s Cartagena meeting, the public comment period for the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook and supporting documentation have been extended to 15 January 2011 (1200 UTC).

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