Domain Release Dates August 2014

 fail 06-Aug-14
 financial 06-Aug-14
 limited 06-Aug-14
 wtf 06-Aug-14
 actor 06-Aug-14
 rocks 06-Aug-14
 care 13-Aug-14
 clinic 13-Aug-14
 dental 13-Aug-14
 surgery 13-Aug-14
 cash 20-Aug-14
 fund 20-Aug-14
 investments 20-Aug-14
 tax 20-Aug-14
 haus 20-Aug-14
 hiv 26-Aug-14
 black 26-Aug-14
 meet 26-Aug-14
 hamburg 27-Aug-14
 discount 27-Aug-14
 fitness 27-Aug-14
 furniture 27-Aug-14
 schule 27-Aug-14

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Feb 10th GMT from 17.00-19.00

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Update: Maintenance complete

Rexco Maintenance Notification

Modifications in process

We are making a wide range of modifications and improvements to the site over the weekend.. site available again 14/1/14, please accept our apologies if you wish to register a domain at this time. Please use the client contact email or hotline should you wish to register a domain manually on your account.