Connection issues with Uniregistry.

Our operations team is working with Uniregistry to resolve an intermittent connection issue between our systems. Due to this issue, intermittently you will not be able to register or manage Uniregistry domain names. Existing domains continue to resolve normally.

Uniregistry is the registry operator for:

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Donuts Scheduled Maintenance, Monday, 14th July 2014 21:00h – 23:00h UTC.

Donuts Scheduled Maintenance, Monday, 14th July 2014. 21:00h – 23:00h UTC

TLDs affected by this maintenance is quite long, but can be found here:

During the maintenance, all domains will continue to resolve, but all other services will be unavailable.

Environment: Production
Date: Monday, 14th July 2014
Maintenance Window: 21:00h – 23:00h UTC
Expected Duration: 2 hours

Scheduled to end at 23:00 UTC on July 14th, 2014

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