A toast to the late John Toland

On this day of the launch of dot Irish the one man missing from the celebrations, but not the kudos, is the late John Toland.

A toast; to the late John Toland

Way back in 2012 the Irish Echo said;-
Belfast native John Toland is no stranger to America, having forged a path across the United States with a series of exciting start-ups. His latest venture, Dot-Irish is set to transform Ireland’s impact on the world wide web by opening up the domain address Dot-Irish. Backed by some of the most prominent names in Irish America, Dot-Irish will allow companies, organizations and individuals to promote brand Irish in everything they do. Expect tourism.irish, sport.irish, hospitality.irish, hotels.irish and business.irish to be snapped up if the bid for authorization which goes before the world internet governing body, ICANN, this year is successful. However, some people aren’t content to wait until the new ‘Top Level Domain’ goes live: over 3,000 pre-registrations have already been made.

John said;-

“Web addresses such as www.connect.irish, mail@yourname.irish or www.technology.irish can become innovative tools for the more than 75 million individuals and companies worldwide who identify themselves as Irish to communicate and connect with friends, family or customers”


In An Bóthar Abhaile August 11, 2014 Máirtín Ó Muilleoir said;-

“..it’s clear to me that we’re still only scratching the surface of the tourism and visitor potential of Belfast so why not aim high? As high and as wide as the pioneers behind the new dot.irish initiative. This week, the visionaries behind dot.irish including New York-New Belfast conference regulars John Toland and Shane Naughton signed on the dotted line with the international internet authority ICANN to roll out the dot.irish domain name. Millions of dollars, thousands of work hours and countless travel miles have gone into the audacious plan to give the Irish their own domain name and I have no doubt it will be a runaway success.”

To John Toland,  – a visionary and a gentleman, he’s badly missed.

Des Donnelly




Des Donnelly, Tyrone





Sunrise in Domain Registration

What is the Sunrise stage?

Sunrise allows trademark holders an advance opportunity to register domain names corresponding to their marks before names are generally available to the public. Provided the Trademark has been validated by The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). New gTLD registries are required to offer a Sunrise period of at least 30 days. ICANN have introduced the Trademark Clearinghouse, a central database of validated trademarks. Any trademark holder, private person, or company can submit their trademark to the Clearinghouse. The Trademark Clearinghouse in itself is not a trademark office, only after your trademark is registered (with your national authority) can you have included it in the Clearinghouse. Apart from registered trademarks, the Clearinghouse also accepts marks protected by statute or treaty or court validated marks.

How long does Sunrise last?

The minimum period is 30 days, many Registries are opting for a period of 60 days.

What is the Sunrise period for dot Irish?

Dot Irish enters Sunrise on 17th March 2015 – Sunrise ends on 16th May 2015

What are the other stages for dot Irish?

Landrush – 21st May – 20th June 2015
the period when premium names are offered for sale, generally via auction.

General Availability – 29th June 2015
the date the name is available for everyone to register

Please register your interest to stay informed as dot Irish transits through the various stages.
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.Irish Now Delegated

The dot Irish are coming!  the .Irish are coming

the sweet sound of .Irish


The new gTLD .Irish has been delegated, this means that the string or name .Irish has been added to the root zone / the database of domain names that can be registered by the general public.

Whilst there is no firm date for the launch of dot Irish it is anticipated that this will take place within the next 12 weeks, that means .Irish will definitely become available on or before St Patricks Day 2015.

ICANN’s IANA department is the body responsible for receiving requests to delegate domains in the DNS root zone. The delegation process results in the Name server (NS) records being placed in the Domain Name System (DNS) root zone to make the domain active. This then allows the registry operator to start the process of bringing the registry into production.

The current technical data available for .Irish as of 2.December.2014 is as follows;-

Name Servers

Host Name IP Address(es)

Registry Information

URL for registration services: http://www.dotirish.com
WHOIS Server: whois.afilias-srs.net

Record last updated 2014-12-02. Registration date 2014-11-06.

The above outline of NS / DNS is not an exact description of the system from a technical srandpoint. For those interested in learning more about the Domain Name System we recommend the following excellent resources;-




http://www.norid.no/dns/slik-virker-dns2.en.html  – a one page guide from the Norwegian Registry operators UNINETT Norid AS

A humorous video from the Norwegian Registry (in Norwegian as you might expect… lol)



The Dot Irish are Coming

It gives us great pleasure to report that the company behind the forthcoming new gTLD .Irish, Dot-Irish LLC, have now entered into contract with ICANN, .Irish will now move to the Pre Delegation Testing phase PDT

We offer our congratulations to John, Shane, Ed and the entire team and look forward to working with them in the coming months.


“I look forward to the launch of .Irish with great excitement, I believe that the global Irish will embrace the name firmly and I applaud John Toland and his team for their vision.”

Des Donnelly Owner Rexco.com

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We are delighted to take expressions of interest for a .Irish name

We would draw readers attention to the statement from ICANN regarding pre-registration, this is particularly important in the case of any company charging your credit card or accepting payment of any description for names that cannot be guaranteed.


ICANN said;-

“As responsible Registrars are advising, successful pre-registration of a domain cannot be guaranteed. ICANN seconds that advice, cautioning that registrants should be wary of anyone who claims to be able to guarantee a domain registration on a new gTLD. There are several situations that can impact the availability of a domain name and some domain names may never be available for purchase. Instances that can impact availability of Second-Level Domains include:

  • Multiple Registars per generic Top-Level DomainMany gTLD Registries contract with multiple Registrars to provide registration services to Internet users. The Registrar you pre-register with may not be the Registrar that eventually registers the name.
  • Trademarked NamesRights holders that have submitted verified trademarks will be given priority access to request domain names related to their trademarks.
  • Auction of Premium NamesSome Registries may choose to offer perceived premium names for registration to the highest bidder before they’re made available to the general public, so some of these names may not be available.
  • Name CollisionCertain Second-Level Domain names must be blocked by Registries because their activation could potentially impact the operations of some private domains.
  • Some gTLDs may not be delegatedThere is no assurance that ICANN will sign Registry Agreements for all of the new gTLDs for which applications have been submitted, nor is there any assurance that all of the new gTLDs will be delegated. If you pre-register a desired domain name and the underlying gTLD is not delegated, that domain name will not be available to you.

While we caution potential registrants to be skeptical of claims that a name can be “guaranteed” names, ICANN supports programs that are set up to help interested parties keep track of when the new domain names will be available. For example, some Registrars are providing programs that allow potential registrants to subscribe to status updates on new gTLDs.

The new gTLDs provide greater opportunities for choice, innovation and competition. In addition to all the measures that ICANN, the community and our partners have established to ensure a safe and secure rollout, we also want to ensure that people understand the process for getting the new domain names they want.”