A toast to the late John Toland

On this day of the launch of dot Irish the one man missing from the celebrations, but not the kudos, is the late John Toland.

A toast; to the late John Toland

Way back in 2012 the Irish Echo said;-
Belfast native John Toland is no stranger to America, having forged a path across the United States with a series of exciting start-ups. His latest venture, Dot-Irish is set to transform Ireland’s impact on the world wide web by opening up the domain address Dot-Irish. Backed by some of the most prominent names in Irish America, Dot-Irish will allow companies, organizations and individuals to promote brand Irish in everything they do. Expect tourism.irish, sport.irish, hospitality.irish, hotels.irish and business.irish to be snapped up if the bid for authorization which goes before the world internet governing body, ICANN, this year is successful. However, some people aren’t content to wait until the new ‘Top Level Domain’ goes live: over 3,000 pre-registrations have already been made.

John said;-

“Web addresses such as www.connect.irish, mail@yourname.irish or www.technology.irish can become innovative tools for the more than 75 million individuals and companies worldwide who identify themselves as Irish to communicate and connect with friends, family or customers”


In An Bóthar Abhaile August 11, 2014 Máirtín Ó Muilleoir said;-

“..it’s clear to me that we’re still only scratching the surface of the tourism and visitor potential of Belfast so why not aim high? As high and as wide as the pioneers behind the new dot.irish initiative. This week, the visionaries behind dot.irish including New York-New Belfast conference regulars John Toland and Shane Naughton signed on the dotted line with the international internet authority ICANN to roll out the dot.irish domain name. Millions of dollars, thousands of work hours and countless travel miles have gone into the audacious plan to give the Irish their own domain name and I have no doubt it will be a runaway success.”

To John Toland,  – a visionary and a gentleman, he’s badly missed.

Des Donnelly




Des Donnelly, Tyrone